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Passion-breathing creatures and objects, bold and provocative, yet, at the same time sensual and mysterious, are all reflected in Sandra's art. A woman in a variety of forms and states of self-expression is the most common object of inspiration, not so much physical as emotional ones, 

which are hard to describe and reflect. Being fond of playing with symbols, she reveals the spirit of objects of art as well as amplifies their intimacy through intrigue and mystery, at times the result is spontaneous and intuitive when symbols and signs arise in an accomplished work.


When painting, Sandra is never aware of the final result and hardly ever forsees it. She finds it even more exciting as it is also an inner journey through an undiscovered world, searching for mysterious, sensitive, sensual, seductive, strong, creative, or at times aggressive, confused, and unleashed soul.

Might it be the artist herself?

For her, art is not just a play of colors, it is a way of meditation through action. Playing with textures she goes beyond traditional brushes. She mainly works with acrylic paint, spatula, brushes, or uses her hands observing the paint cast as if breathing into them her own energy.

Sandra's works are expressive, she doesn't favour perfect or explicitly naturalistic details. She is inspired by chaos as a harmony bearing entity. The main purpose of her works is to spread inspiration for freedom of self-expression, emotion and the courage of being herself.



MODERNŪS PAVEIKSLAI                   

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